He left the city to go live in a treehouse

From the New York Times: Escape to Bro-topia.

People talk about chucking their jobs. They say they will leave behind the madness of the city and hit the road.

A few drinks and they’re telling you about the epic hiking trip in the Sierra Nevada they’ll take or how magical the surf is in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

But nobody ever does it. Nobody. Except for one guy.

His name is Foster Huntington, and he used to work in New York. He had a bright future in the fashion industry. But then he cut the cord. And do you know where he lives now? In a treehouse. [continue]

Amazing photos. Yeah, that looks like a very fun life.

Up, up and away

From the New York Times: Up, Up and Away.

Shara and Scott Di Valerio wanted to build a deck for their hot tub, a place to relax in the woods on their five acres east of Seattle. But at some point, as they found themselves up in a stand of fir trees with a majestic view of Mount Rainier, their perspective shifted. What began as a 12-by-12-foot platform grew into a virtual treehouse complex: hot tub, living room (with phone, cable, Internet), writing alcove, observation platforms. Despite its inviting suspension bridge and 100-foot zipline, this is no kids’ tree fort. A typical evening among the gently swaying firs involves several grown-ups, a dip in the hot tub, Champagne and a few rounds of canasta. "It’s a way to be in nature," Shara Di Valerio said. She let out a deflating laugh and quickly added: "Although it’s a luxurious kind of nature. It isn’t camping." [continue]

Sounds good to me.