Potholes that tweet about themselves

From CNET we have news of potholes in Panema that send tweets about themselves to the Ministry of Public Works.

It’s not unusual for an angry driver to let loose colorful invective upon driving over a pothole. But in Panama City, the potholes themselves are talking — and sharing their gripes on Twitter.

“I feel terrible. I just caused tire damage to an old lady’s car,” a pothole recently tweeted on the account El Hueco Twitero (The Tweeting Pothole), which has almost 3,000 followers. “At least tell me what I need and I’ll cover myself,” tweeted another.

The potholes had their say via a device placed inside them that contains pressure and motion sensors and an RF transmitter that triggers a tweet to the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) every time a car runs over the chasms. The details of the tweets seem to be selected randomly — these potholes aren’t just peeved, they’re creative. [continue]