Bomb scare is just a geocache

From the CBC: GPS game blamed for Ottawa bomb scare.

A treasure-hunting game is being blamed for a bomb scare that resulted in the four-hour closure of a major Ottawa road and an operation involving two dozen police officers, a hazmat team and the police explosives unit last week.

The scare was prompted by the discovery of a suspicious package under the Transitway bridge at Hurdman station last Wednesday that turned out to be part of a geocache. Geocaching is a game that involves searching for hidden packages using GPS co-ordinates. (…)

Police are urging geocachers who hide packages to tell police exactly where they are [continue]

Dear police (especially Insp. Tyrus Cameron of the Ottawa Police),

Geocachers are not likely to tell you about every cache they hide; the idea of doing that would never cross their minds.

But you’re supposed to be good at figuring stuff out, right? Ok, so how do you think geocachers know where to look for the hidden cache boxes? They find cache locations listed on the web, that’s how. And you can find those locations too, in seconds. It doesn’t take four-hours or two dozen police officers.

If you think some suspicious box might be a geocache, just have somebody back at the office take a quick peek at What do you want to bet that the geocaches in your neighbourhood are already listed there?

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