Do you know about the tradition of mummering in Newfoundland? Imagine, in the Christmas season, opening your door to a group of strangely-dressed, totally disguised people: mummers! You invite them in. They’re your friends, and you’ve got to guess who they are. Which is hard, because they might be wearing the strangest clothing ever, cross-dressing, disguising their voices, and whatnot. Once you’ve figured out who they are, they reveal themselves. You serve them something festive and have a visit before they head off to puzzle somebody else.

I love this idea. It makes me think about moving to Newfoundland.

If the idea of mummering intrigues you, head over to Hakai Magazine for this article: Return of the Mummers. The article summary: “The people of Newfoundland and Labrador revive an eccentric tradition that’s part Christmas, part Halloween, to celebrate the holidays.”

Sounds excellent.

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17th century gold coin found in Newfoundland

From The Telegram (Newfoundland): Gold coin discovered at Colony of Avalon archaeological dig.

A Scottish gold coin was discovered at the Colony of Avalon Archaeological dig in Ferryland during excavations on Tuesday, according to a news release by The Colony of Avalon Foundation.

The release states the coin is significant because it is the first whole gold coin ever found at an excavation in the province.

It is a "Sword and Sceptre" coin dated 1601 issued during the reign of King James VI of Scotland two years before he ascended the throne of England as King James I following the death of Queen Elizabeth I. [continue, see photo]

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