How to cook a whale found dead

From we have a translation of a old Kwakuitl recipe: How to cook a whale found dead.

A kettle of water is set to boil on the beach, and the strips are boiled to render the oil. The oil is ladled off and stored in watertight storage boxes. Whale oil is best stored in the corner of your house.

Then, you take cedar bark, and split it into long strips. Poke holes in the middle of the boiled pieces of whale blubber, and thread them onto the long strips of bark. When finished these strings of blubber are called "tied-in-the-middle."

Dry these strips in the smoky rafters of your house for at least a month. When you want to eat some "tied-in-the-middle" take it down from the rafters, and [continue]

Of course, these days people in charge of whales found dead are more likely to get some dynamite and blow a whale up than eat it, but such is life. Good to know there are still traditional recipes one might try.