Cardboard kayak race

This looks like fun! From Cardboard Kayak Race.

The contest is simple. Teams of designers are given an unlimited amount of tape and a pile of cardboard to build a kayak of any shape. No knives, scissors, or sharp objects are allowed. (…)

This year four teams of designers came up with a flotilla of boats that look like rejects from a Dali museum, and the team names were as intriguing as their creations. [continue, see photos]

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On Venice’s Grand Canal in a kayak

Dear heavens! These people kayaked through Venice. Part of me wants to shout "sacrilege!" and part of me wishes I’d thought of doing that. From the New York Times: On Venice’s Grand Canal in a Kayak.

They helped fleeing Romans evade Attila the Hun and held a glittering city aloft for more than 1,500 years. But the wooden pilings rising out of the Grand Canal in Venice are so decayed that as we clung to them one afternoon it wasn’t at all clear whether they would be sturdy enough to prevent us from capsizing into its murky waters.

It was rush hour in Venice, so the canal’s usual tumult of crosscurrents and tides was churning with the wake of water taxis, ferries and delivery boats. Each volley of waves slapped against the side of the inflatable kayak we were using to cross Italy’s most storied waterway; the pilings were our best chance to avoid being immersed in it. [continue]