Diaspora* experiment

So, social media. There are some things I really, really hate about it, but that is perhaps more about people who use it unwisely, and social media platforms that are, in my opinion, just plain bad and evil.

What about better social media sites? Are there any? I have explored dozens and dozens of them by now, because I wanted to know if there are any that I could recommend to friends as an alternative to That Horrible Thing (AKA Facebook). And also, are there any that are right for me?

One stands out as right for me, and that is Diaspora. I’ll tell you more about it in a separate post, if you like.

These days when I see an interesting thing, part of me wants to post that on Diaspora. But then I think “oh, I should post that on mirabilis.ca….” and then I have more coffee and wind up not posting the thing at all, because sloth and indecision.

I have found a way around this, and set things up so that (if it all works) everything I post on mirabilis.ca will automagically post itself on Diaspora as well.

We’ll see how that works! Perhaps it will get me past the indecision / sloth / coffee loop.