Monster icons in the comments

(See update at the end of this post.)

A while back I mentioned that supports gravatars: if you’ve created a gravatar image, it will magically appear next to your name when you post a comment here, or on any other gravatar-enabled blog. That’s why there’s a flower beside every comment I post: that’s my gravatar. (For now, anyway. I’ll probably change my gravatar one of these days.)

So what happens if you post a comment and you don’t have a gravatar? Until now, a mystery man image has been representing you.

Well. That’s awfully boring, so now we’re using monsters instead. If you don’t have a gravatar, a monster image will be auto-generated for you, based on your email address. That way you all ought to have monsters of your own. Want to see your monster? Post a comment here, and your monster will show up.

If you like your monster, you’re set. If you don’t like your monster, go create a gravatar, and then your gravatar will replace your monster.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

Update, June 2015: no longer uses gravatars. Or monsters, for that matter. The monsters may return one day, but I’m less keen on gravatars. I don’t like some of the things that does in terms of user privacy, that’s why.