How to fight back against fake news

From The Simple Way You Can Fight Back Against Fake News

What can we do about this hateful, bigoted commentary? I was thrilled when I saw a new twitter account called Sleeping Giants. It’s an anonymous account whose goal is to “stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars.” It simply asks people to take a screenshot of an ad on Brietbart News, tweet that screenshot to the ad’s parent company to notify them of the placement, and tag Sleeping Giants in the tweet. Then the word spreads. Sleeping Giants promotes each tweet to its 11,000 followers. It also offers simple instructions how to blacklist sites from your ad campaign, so your brand won’t show up on sites like Breitbart. The cool part is that it’s working. [continue]

19th century advertisements

I like weird old appliances and kitchen implements (you should see my ice crusher!) so HarpWeek’s 19th century advertisements for appliances is just my kind of thing.

There are other delights lurking in the HarpWeek’s advertising section, too, like this 1865 cartoon advertising yeast powder. And who can resist An Appeal to Manhood when it’s an advertisement for a sewing machine?

(Americans may enjoy the polictical history content on the main HarpWeek site, like political cartoons from 1860-1912.)