One dead computer

Last week my laptop said "ahem, I am feeling quite ill. Look at the problems I’m having! I might even die soon." And what do you know? On Saturday day the poor thing did die. I miss it. It was such a light and responsive machine.

After a bit of scrambling I’m using one of my husband’s old laptops. It weighs more than an obese cat and it won’t do wireless, but will tide me over until my new laptop arrives.

New laptop? Oh yes. It’s a Dell machine, running Ubuntu Linux. I love the idea of getting a laptop that comes with Linux right from the start. (No annoying Microsoft tax.)

If I don’t blog much over the next week or so, you can assume it’s because — due to lack of wifi — I can’t sit out on the porch while blogging. If you see the usual amount of new content here, you can assume that the temporary machine is pleasant enough to use, and that I don’t mind hanging out in my office upstairs so much after all.

Summertime, and the wifi is elusive

I packed up my laptop and headed off to the summer cottage for a spell, planning to sign up for the new high-speed wireless internet access that’s being advertised in the area. I figured it would solve all my internet access problems in one fell swoop. Once settled at the cottage I phoned the company, only to find that their service is crazy expensive, and it doesn’t actually exist yet. Of course they still want me to sign up right away. Pffft.

So now we’re looking at a wifi service for boaters, which sounds promising.

Anyway. That’s where I’ve been lately: in an internet-free zone.

On a personal note

Thanks to those of you who sent me email over the last while, wondering how I was doing and what had become of me. I’ll try to get back to you all in the next few days. It turns out that the best way to hear from you folks isn’t to blog, but to stop blogging — then I get mail! Who knew?

Anyway, I’m fine, thanks. I just got out of the habit of some regular habits, that’s all. Does that ever happen to you? And then I realized it had been rather too long, so here I am.

Meanwhile, I have a new addiction. Those of you who don’t know me in person probably haven’t realized that Continue reading