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I advocate for privacy and (where you want it) anonymity on the internet. This page tells you how handles privacy issues. cookies runs on a blogging and content management system called WordPress. All WordPress sites use cookies, and this one is no exception. Cookies offer some advantage to you in terms of maintaining state; I think you’ll notice this most if you submit comments – then you can easily see if your comment has been approved for publication yet or not. Stuff like that.

If you don’t want cookies, no problem. There are a bajillion browser plugins that can refuse cookies for you, either selectively or for every site you visit. Or you can just delete them.

If all readers accept and keep cookies, then I have the fun of thinking that I have return visitors, because that’s how the visitor stats then appear. So that’s kind of nice for me. But it’s really no big deal. cookies

Because runs on WordPress, it will also give you a cookie – all WordPress blogs do, as far as I can see. The gravatar cookie is to let you have your own avatar beside any comment you post, across all number of websites. Personally, I block these gravatar cookies as I have no use for them and don’t appreciate superfluous cookies. Gravatar is a bad thing as far as privacy goes. If you value your privacy, I suggest that you don’t use Gravatar, and that you block all Gravatar cookies. does not use icons for comments, so there’s no need for the cookie at all here.

Other cookies

If the WordPress software changes to serve more cookies to all visitors of WordPress sites, you will be affected. If I decide to use some plugin that causes more cookies to be served, you will be affected.

Don’t want cookies? This is so easy to take care of on your end. Download a plugin or add-on for you browser that will block cookies for you. Problem solved! There are lots and lots of these to choose from.


Please do comment on posts – I want to hear your ideas and reactions. When you comment, the comment form asks for your name and email address. Use your real name, if you like, or a pseudonym – whatever you wish. You can be Daffy Duck for all I care. If you don’t feel like using your real email address, maybe you’d like to get a spamgourmet address and use that instead.

I’m not going to share your email address with anybody, and I’m not going to spam you.

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There’s none of that here. None!