Mirabilis.ca on social media

Hey, you know those social media sites that are notorious for doing bad stuff to their users? Yeah, I’m not on those. What would be the point?

I do hang out on Diaspora, though. It is a non-commercial social network that has a fantastic approach to privacy. It’s not out to profit from information about its users.

It did take me a while to get used to how Diaspora works, and to make sure that my Diaspora screen is full of great content that I like. Now I know how to block the silly people and the stuff I’m not interested in, and get the content I want to see. Super! My Diaspora account is set up the way I want now, and I like it a good deal.

I’m on the Despora.de Disapora pod, though you could join any other pod and still see what I share on Diaspora, if you like. If you are part of any Diaspora pod anywhere, you can follow me (“share with” is what Diaspora calls it) and see my public posts. My Diaspora address is mirabilis@despora.de. That is not an email address (ha ha, evil email address harvesters!), even though it looks like one; email sent to that address just vanishes into the void. But on Diaspora, you can use that address to follow (share with) a specific user: me!

If you’ve been wishing for a social network that won’t screw you over, Diaspora might be right for you.

The The Diaspora social network page I wrote for you has more details.