About this blog

I started mirabilis.ca (in 2002!) in order to share fun and interesting things, and to connect with people who had similar interests.

Blogging was new and exciting back in 2002 – a way to share content and connect with other bloggers and readers. A blog became a community, and a part of a network of similar communities. Before social media came along, blogging was it, kids. I miss those days. It was a better system than the social media nonsense that largely replaced it. And so this blog is still here. Because if there is a better way, shouldn’t we all be using it, supporting it, maintaining it? I think so.

When I look back at things I’ve blogged, here, I realize that mirabilis.ca serves as a commonplace book for me, and an archive of links and ideas I may want to re-visit.

After several interruptions, I’m trying to blog regularly again, so we’ll see how that goes.

You are very welcome to post comments on any blog post you read here. In fact, please do — I like to hear what readers are thinking.

What kind of topics does this blog cover?

In the past few years, the things I’ve blogged about have fit mostly within these categories: history and archaeology, books and lit, language, food, religion, animals, insects, etc, environment, fun, technology, strange stuff, health, art, and privacy. There’s more, of course — whatever I come across that seems fascinating.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a tag cloud that relates to content on Mirabilis.ca. Click on any tag to go to related blog posts.

Upcoming content may cover some new things, as my life has quite a bit over the last two decades.Since I started blogging here I’ve moved, changed careers, developed new interests, and done all kinds of new things.

Who pays for this site?

I do. I don’t need for mirabilis.ca to make a profit. I’m tired of big commercial websites with advertising, sponsors, and spammy things in the sidebar.

There is no advertising here, and there is no sponsored content. If I link to something, it is only because I think you might find that thing interesting. I’m not going to make any money if you click a link.

Where are the old archives?

Those of you who have been reading Mirabilis.ca for many years may be wondering where the oldest content has gone. I’ve removed much of it; sorry. You probably don’t want to hear the long story about that. Suffice to say: you get what you get. Onward!

What does mirabilis mean, anyway?

Mirabilis is one of my favourite Latin words. It means wonderful or astonishing. Pronounciation: mee-RAH-bi-lees.

Where’s the privacy policy?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s how Mirabilis.ca respects your privacy.