Antibiotic spider silk makes a better bandage

Somebody mentioned the use of spider webs as bandages, so I went off to see if that is seriously a thing. It is! From Interesting Engineering: This Antibiotic Spider Silk Makes a Better Bandage.

Even though it sounds ripped from the pages of a Spider-Man comic, this innovation came from a lab in the UK.

Five years of work between a spider expert and a chemist resulted in antibiotic spider silk. The synthetic material, produced by a team at the University of Nottingham, can be used to heal wounds and deliver medicine. It uses the silk synthesized from E. Coli and infuses it with other substances. These additional molecules are “clicked” into place, thus showing how ‘click chemistry’ can be used to affect a substance. [continue]

Still haven’t seen any sign of spider web bandages in the local shops.

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