Making dogs look like tigers for fun and profit

What to do if monkeys are threatening your crops? Some farmers in India have a great solution! From the Deccan Herald: Farmers’ monkey-scaring plan a roaring hit

Deception is the name of a new game in the Malnad region, but it is aimed at harming nobody. Farmers in the region have resorted to painting the fur of dogs to fool monkeys into believing that they are tigers. This, to save their crops from the simians, which were destroying them with utter impunity. [continue]

The article includes a photo of a transformed dog.

One thought on “Making dogs look like tigers for fun and profit

  1. This is ingenious! I initially read the blog post heading and thought it sounded like a slightly ‘inconsequential’ article but it wasn’t. These farmers have developed a clever solution to a challenging problem.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Mirabilis! Hope you have some time during the holiday season for plenty of reading and relaxation.

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