A public service announcement on how to get rid of leg cramps

Several years ago, I switched to a low-carb paleo diet. This did me fantastic amounts of good, but there was one problem: leg cramps at night. Sometimes I’d wake several times a night with really, really painful cramps in my calves. I’d have to get up right away, put weight on the affected leg, and even then – oh, the pain!

So that was a problem, and I tried all kinds of things to solve it. Results were hit and miss.

When I went to Norway, I ate potatoes every day, because potatoes come with everything, and I was eating all the traditional foods I could find. No leg cramps! So I had potatoes every day for a year after that, which helped a lot. Was it the potatoes I needed? Is that even possible??

Somewhere I read that potatoes are high in magnesium, so I got some magnesium supplements and they worked as well as the potatoes, and were a lot more convenient. Still, sometimes the problem persisted.

A few months ago I happened to be reading up on the ways in which our bodies use salt, and decided to try adding more salt to my diet. I started taking a half teaspoon of salt every morning, in some warm water. And you know? Problem solved. 🙂 I still take a couple of magnesium tablets each day, but the salt seems to be the key thing.

I thought I’d leave this here for anybody else who has that leg cramp problem, and is hunting around on the web for a solution.

See also: Common low-carb side effects & how to cure them page at DietDoctor.com. If I’d found the leg cramp section there years ago, I might have solved this problem earlier.

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