Do you know about the tradition of mummering in Newfoundland? Imagine, in the Christmas season, opening your door to a group of strangely-dressed, totally disguised people: mummers! You invite them in. They’re your friends, and you’ve got to guess who they are. Which is hard, because they might be wearing the strangest clothing ever, cross-dressing, disguising their voices, and whatnot. Once you’ve figured out who they are, they reveal themselves. You serve them something festive and have a visit before they head off to puzzle somebody else.

I love this idea. It makes me think about moving to Newfoundland.

If the idea of mummering intrigues you, head over to Hakai Magazine for this article: Return of the Mummers. The article summary: “The people of Newfoundland and Labrador revive an eccentric tradition that’s part Christmas, part Halloween, to celebrate the holidays.”

Sounds excellent.

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2 thoughts on “Mummering!

  1. I loved ‘Return of the Mummers’. This isn’t a custom I’d heard anything about before but it reminds me a little of the various European carnevales. I was in Lucerne, Switzerland for a few hours in January and bumped into a street parade that sounded very similar to aspects of mummering! The idea of visiting your friends in costume and disguising your identity is brilliant.

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