Tim Linhart’s ice instruments

From Good.is: These Ice Instruments Look as Beautiful as They Sound.

Half a world away, in the winter wilds of Luleå, Sweden, American ice sculptor Tim Linhart hand-carves ice instruments. He’s made guitars, drums, banjos, violins and even invented a couple new musical devices. One, the Rolandophone, is giant percussion tool that looks like a pan flute, and another is the Gravaton, a massive 37-string instrument sculpted from 2.2 tons of frozen water.

Linhart’s Ice Music concert series presents around 20 of these instruments to audiences each year. The Ice Music orchestra explores genres ranging from traditional folk to Hawaiian music to rock & roll and classical. It’s avant garde sonic tools draw crowds to Luleåeach year, which is no small feat considering the concert season runs through the city’s subarctic winter. [continue]

That looks like so much fun!

If you’re interested in ice music, check out the links at the end of this Mirabilis.ca blog post from 2008.

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  1. This was an incredibly story! Who would think to make instruments out of something as fickle as ice?! The accompanying Vimeo clip was well worth watching to see (and hear) the instruments in use. Thank you for sharing this. As one who comes from a hot, dry country, I’ve always been intrigued by ice and snow!

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