A ban on mermaid tails

So apparently mermaid tails are a thing now. Who knew? From the CBC: Mermaid tail enthusiasts cry foul over Edmonton pool bans.

Krista Visinski is determined to be a mermaid, even if she’s not allowed in the water right now.

The Edmonton mother has been preparing for more than a year to become a professional sea nymph and teach exercise classes, host children’s parties and appear at public events.

But her plan was recently put on hold when the city announced a ban on mermaid tails, a trendy swim accessory, in all its pools.

The 24-year-old delivered a petition to the city this week with nearly 600 names, some of them parents of children who dream of swimming like Ariel from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

Others, calling themselves mermaid advocates, say anyone should be able to swim with a tail. [continue]

2 thoughts on “A ban on mermaid tails

  1. Interesting article but quite a strange interest for those who call themselves “mermaid enthusiasts”. It makes me wonder whether there are other mythological interest groups. A “centaur collective” or “griffin group” perhaps?

    • Well. There are people who dress up as furry animals, I understand. But that is probably not so mythological in focus. 🙂

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