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A strange thing has been happening with this blog: somebody is trying really hard to break in. Every day there are far too many attempts from a wide range of IP addresses. I’ve taken a number of steps to reduce the number of login attempts that are even possible. But what I wonder is…. well, why?

I run other WordPress sites, but none are targeted the way this one is. My best guess is that some hacker is looking for a site that has been around for a long time, and seems not to be active. So, hacking such a site would mean the ability to put up a bunch of content that would seem legit to a search engine, and maybe the blog owner wouldn’t notice at all. Does that sound logical? Do you have any better theories?

At any rate, I thought I’d see if having a recent post – this one – would make the site less attractive to the hacker who has targeted it. Maybe if it’s clear that this site hasn’t been abandoned after all….?

It’s been years since I’ve posted much here. I’m thinking of changing that and blogging regularly at, but it’s still a matter of some debate for me. For one thing, would any of my old readers even notice? Does anybody check in here anymore? Is on anybody’s RSS feed?

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  1. Wow, five of you! I hadn’t expected to hear from anybody. It’s awfully nice that you’re still checking in.

    I am debating between starting a new blog, reviving this one, or giving up on blogging altogether.

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