Discovery of Roman battlefield poses historical riddle

From Discovery of Roman Battlefield Poses Historical Riddle.

Archaeologists in Germany say they have found an ancient battlefield strewn with Roman weapons. The find is significant because it indicates that Romans were fighting battles in north Germany at a far later stage than previously assumed.

The wilds of Germany may not have been off-limits to Roman legions, archaeologists announced on Monday. At a press conference in the woods near the town of Kalefeld, about 100 kilometers south of Hanover, researchers announced the discovery of a battlefield strewn with hundreds of Roman artifacts dating from the 3rd century A.D. [continue, see photos]

2 thoughts on “Discovery of Roman battlefield poses historical riddle

  1. Maybe a cache of Roman weapons wielded by local tribes sold by proto-weapons dealers? Maybe Roman legion cut off from Rome, or from wherever home was, fighting for their lives? Or renegade troops?
    Or, as the article indicates near the end, Roman fighting forces were dispatched to Germany…not nearly such a good story, though.

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