No dogs allowed?

Ha! No problem. Look what Smartdogsā€™ Weblog found in a 1939 issue of Popular Science:

Signs reading "No Dogs Allowed" mean nothing to Miss Jeanne Lorraine, of New York City, since she taught her twelve-year-old pet toy collie, Jiggs, to drape himself around her neck and masquerade as a fur piece. The trick first worked on a clerk at a residential hotel that barred pets and Miss Lorraine has been using it ever since to take her dog through subways, past customs officers, on railroad coaches, and into other places where canine companions are not welcomed. [continue]

2 thoughts on “No dogs allowed?

  1. I had a cat trained to do the same thing back in my Berkeley days. Professors would say, “That’s so clever. That looks like a real cat.” I, of course, enjoyed outfoxing The Establishment, which I felt was going to the dogs anyway.

    Then Kennedy was assassinated, and everything changed.

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