The woman with a tiny carbon footprint

From The Guardian: The woman with a tiny carbon footprint.

We all know we are meant to be reducing our carbon footprint, but I suspect that many people wouldn’t be prepared to go as far as Joan Pick. She hasn’t driven a car since 1973 and has only been in a petrol-guzzling vehicle twice since then (once in the hearse at her mother’s funeral, the other time when an ambulance came to pick her up after she dislocated her shoulder). Her gas supply was cut off sometime when the last Labour government was in power, and her electricity usage is minimal. She eats only raw food and the only items she ever buys are new trainers – because she gets around by running everywhere. Pick is 67 and claims her lifestyle keeps her healthy. "I’ve been living on nothing for the past 35 years," she says.

She isn’t, you gather, an average sort of person. She is charming, in her tracksuit, ready to go out running, with her hair pulled into a baseball cap bearing the symbol of the high-IQ society, Mensa. A scientist for many years, she has a mind that darts off in different directions and it can be hard to keep track of [continue].

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  1. I was just Googling around looking for another Catholic who eats raw foods, when I found this article. Y’all, did it occur to you that her diet may be part of why she’s so healthy? ( I’m also finding that my raw nutrition program is clearing and calming my mind in conjunction with my spiritual pursuits.) Blessings on you, Joan!

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