Zipping through the treetops

From the New York Times: Zipping Through the Treetops.

"Basically, Dad, you freak out, then you go for it." This was the advice my daughter Lily, 16, had for me on a sun-bathed early-autumn day, as we perched on a platform in a tulip poplar 35 feet off the ground, facing my first-ever zip line. Ahead of me was a trip that would hurtle me through a cleared channel in a Pennsylvania forest at speeds approaching 50 miles an hour. It was the first of four zip lines that our group of adventurers would ride down from the summit at the Spring Mountain ski area that day.

"Clear!" came a call from a guide on a tree platform far below. A guide beside me clicked the two lanyards from my climbing harness to a pulley on the zip line. He nodded to me.

"Ready to zip!" I shouted with bravado.

"Zip away!" came the call from below, and I vaulted into the unknown. "Whoa …!" I screamed, as tree trunks, leaves and flashes of sky rushed by me. [continue]

Well, what do you think? Would you have the nerve to do this?

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