If you were here I would take you to the beach in the mornings, right after coffee. In addition to the usual seaside delights, we now have Dead Jellyfish Season: every morning there are dozens of dead Lion’s Mane jellyfish sparkling on the beach. Some are small — just a foot or so across — and others are two or three times bigger.

Most are right side up; those ones are smooth blobs of jelly. It’s the upside-down jellyfish that are really interesting. Here, look:

(The jellyfish photos are no longer here. But one of these days I’ll post some new ones for you.)

I’ve been busy making desktop wallpaper out of the close-up jellyfish photos I took this morning. Here’s a tiny peek — just a small section of much a much bigger image:

The best thing about our digital camera is that it lets me see this kind of detail.

To see what Lion’s Mane jellyfish look like when they’re alive and swimming, visit
this photo by Sergiy Kostenko and this one by Mark Thomas.


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