Montreal rolls out bike-sharing plan

From the Globe and Mail: Montreal rolls out bike-sharing plan.

Paris has Vélib, Barcelona has Bicing, and as of today, Montreal will start to showcase its own European-style bike-sharing program with a fetching name: Bixi.

The city better known for Grand Prix racing and automobile worship rolled out a green, two-wheeled alternative that civic officials hope will help re-brand Montreal into one of North America’s most bicycle-friendly cities.

Bixi — a contraction of bicycle and taxi — offers up a straightforward formula: Use a membership-acquired "smart" key or credit card to unlock a bike at a docking station. Ride. Return the bike to a station at any location. [continue]

One thought on “Montreal rolls out bike-sharing plan

  1. I really love the idea. I live only 10 miles from work. I would bike to work when the temperatures are not in the triple digits, if I could leave the bike and take the bus home in the afternoon. What a great idea!

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