City restaurant offers feast fit for a polar explorer

From The Times: City restaurant offers feast fit for a polar explorer.

He was the very model of the Edwardian gentleman explorer: the heroic trailblazer of the polar south and inspiration to generations of intrepid spirits. Sir Ernest Shackleton has never, however, provided much in the way of inspiration for London’s chefs.

To the men who followed him towards the South Pole in the winter of 1908, he offered only biscuits, a stodgy, greasy stew supplemented with horse food and the occasional piece of pony.

Chefs all over London studiously ignored his contributions to cuisine. But cometh the hour, cometh the man. Yesterday, as the descendants of Shackleton prepared to recreate his extraordinary journey, Pawel Jursa, the Polish chef at the Green Door Bar & Grill, in the City of London, offered bankers and stockbrokers the chance to consume 6,000 calories at a single sitting, the required daily intake when trekking towards the pole. [continue]