Stone-age pilgrims trekked hundreds of miles to attend feasts

From The Guardian: Stone-age pilgrims trekked hundreds of miles to attend feasts.

Stone age people drove animals hundreds of miles to a site close to Stonehenge to be slaughtered for ritual feasts, according to scientists who have examined the chemical signatures of animal remains buried there.

The research suggests that Neolithic people travelled further than archaeologists had previously realised in order to attend cultural events. (…)

"We are looking at communication networks and rituals that are bringing people from a large area of southern England to the Stonehenge area before the Stonehenge stones were in place," said Dr Jane Evans at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham. "I think what we are seeing is basically a sort of bring-your-own-beef barbecue at Durrington Walls."

The evidence points to groups of people driving animals from as far away as Wales for the feast events. [continue]