One dead computer

Last week my laptop said "ahem, I am feeling quite ill. Look at the problems I’m having! I might even die soon." And what do you know? On Saturday day the poor thing did die. I miss it. It was such a light and responsive machine.

After a bit of scrambling I’m using one of my husband’s old laptops. It weighs more than an obese cat and it won’t do wireless, but will tide me over until my new laptop arrives.

New laptop? Oh yes. It’s a Dell machine, running Ubuntu Linux. I love the idea of getting a laptop that comes with Linux right from the start. (No annoying Microsoft tax.)

If I don’t blog much over the next week or so, you can assume it’s because — due to lack of wifi — I can’t sit out on the porch while blogging. If you see the usual amount of new content here, you can assume that the temporary machine is pleasant enough to use, and that I don’t mind hanging out in my office upstairs so much after all.

3 thoughts on “One dead computer

  1. Bummer – computer down makes me grumpy. But oooh, exciting new toy! I’m partial to Ubuntu myself and have my Toshiba laptop set up to dual boot Vista and Ubuntu 8.04.1. Fun all around!

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