Wolves prefer fishing to hunting

From the Beeb: Wolves prefer fishing to hunting.

Wolves in western Canada prefer to fish for salmon when it is in season rather than hunt deer or other wild game, researchers have found.

Scientists studied the eating habits of wolf packs in British Columbia.

Deer is the staple food of the wolves in the spring and summer but they often injure themselves hunting them.

When Pacific salmon return to the region’s rivers to spawn in the autumn, the wolves prefer the taste of the more nutritious and easier to catch fish.

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In vaguely related news, my dog loves to catch and eat her own fish. She likes Pacific sand lances for breakfast.

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  1. Thanks, Carrie. We think the puppy is utterly delightful.

    I’ve never had venison. When we do find it for sale in some obscure shop, we do buy a piece … but guess who has it for dinner?

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