Israel to make Dead Sea Scrolls available online

From The Guardian: From papyrus to cyberspace: Israel to make Dead Sea Scrolls available online.

Scientists and scholars in Jerusalem have begun a programme to take the first high-resolution, digital photographs of the Dead Sea Scrolls so they can be made available to the public on the internet.

The Israel Antiquities Authority this week ends a pilot project that prepares the way for a much larger operation to photograph the 15-20,000 fragments that make up the 900 scrolls which were discovered 60 years ago by shepherds in caves close to the Dead Sea. (…)

Now, in a project that could take five years and will cost millions of dollars, the fragments will be photographed first by a 39-megapixel colour digital camera, then by another digital camera in infra-red light and finally some will be photographed using a sophisticated multi-spectral imaging camera, which can distinguish the ink from the parchment and papyrus on which the scrolls were written.

Eventually all the fragments will be available to view online, with [continue]

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  1. I saw this yesterday and thought “Oooh, I should tell Mirabilis” and “I feel guilty because I haven’t been to Mirabilis in a while”.

    I should have known (better).

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