Ritual horns do not predate Jewish expulsion

From The Times: Ritual horns do not predate Jewish expulsion.

Radiocarbon dating of two Jewish ritual instruments found in London a century and a half ago has dashed hopes that they date from the period before the Jewish community was expelled in 1290. They are postmedieval and one of them may never have been finished or used in the synagogue.

The shofar is a ritual instrument often made from a ram’s horn, Tamara Chase and her colleagues explain in London Archaeologist. "It is mentioned 69 times in the Bible", they say. The first occurrence is in the book of Exodus, and they were also blown at Jericho on Joshua’s orders, whereupon the walls fell down. Shofarot are used in the synagogue during the month of Elul, which commemorates Moses’s time on Mount Sinai and they are played on the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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