Laser technology helps visually impaired enjoy Thornton Abbey

From 24 Hour Museum: Laser technology helps visually impaired enjoy Thornton Abbey.

Thanks to the latest laser technology, visually impaired and partially sighted people are being given the chance to get to grips with history at Thornton Abbey in North Lincolnshire.

English Heritage has been working with Visually Impaired Media Access Consultants (Vimac) to create a range of Braille and tactile displays, including a replica of a medieval carved stone and a section of the magnificent 14th century gatehouse.

The latest laser scanning technology developed at Hull University, has been used to record for the blind and partially sighted part of the intricate façade of Thornton Abbey’s famous multi-storied gatehouse.

"Scanning technology has the potential not just to create tactile exhibits, but is also being investigated as a way of recording our historic fabric for conservation purposes," said Kevin Booth, Senior Curator with English Heritage. [continue]