There’s a ship in my onions

I found this article from 2001 while looking for something else altogether — isn’t that always the way? From the Telegraph’s archives: There’s a ship in my onions.

Managing a farm in Europe these days is no easy task, with such problems as mad cow disease and severe flooding with which to to contend. Farmers in central Holland, though, face a rather more unusual hazard — ancient ships keep popping up in the middle of their crops.

Roelof Wester, the owner of a 100-acre farm in Emmeloord, 70 miles north-east of Amsterdam, was ploughing his onion fields last year when his tractor struck something hard. He recalled: "I thought it was the deep roots of a tree. But, when I started digging, I found that it covered a big area and I began to see planks. To my surprise, I realised I had found a complete ship." [continue]

2 thoughts on “There’s a ship in my onions

  1. We do indeed, Michael, we do indeed. Around here the best we could hope for is a petroglyph, which is also the worst we could hope for. (In terms of native land claims and whatnot.)

    I do so envy those who can wonder out into some nearby field and uncover a hoard of Viking treasure, some Roman villa, or coins from a bajillion years ago.

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