The genetic map of Europe

From the New York Times: The Genetic Map of Europe.

Biologists have constructed a genetic map of Europe showing the degree of relatedness between its various populations.

All the populations are quite similar, but the differences are sufficient that it should be possible to devise a forensic test to tell which country in Europe an individual probably comes from, said Manfred Kayser, a geneticist at the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands. [continue]

4 thoughts on “The genetic map of Europe

  1. Notice the driver for the research is with a crime detection angle.
    Beware of misuse of this technology. Characterizing individuals by use of multiple genetic markers could resurect the Eugenic aspirations that I presume Sylvia is referring to. This technology is here already and has the capability to racially profile, discern and make decisions re healthcare, career suitability, propensity to comit crimes etc etc. .Remember the movie Gattaca.

    A Biotech insider.

  2. The map is quite statistically irrelevant for some countries, such as Romania. Here is the table with the number of samples taken from each country: [] Romania (population 23 milion) had only 12 samples taken! In comparison, Netherlands (population 16 milion) had 500 samples taken. Other genetically diverse countries with small (or too localized) samples include France, Italy or Portugal. And of course add to this the fact that not all populations were studied, among which populations which had huge genetical influence, especially in South-Eastern Europe (Turkish, northern Slavic, Arab, Maurish, North African, Indian-gipsy etc)… So I find the map totally irrelevant under these conditions…

  3. And speaking of genetics, I have the lactose tolerance gene switched on, too. It’s an odd feeling to look at one’s own body and think of genetics. Sylvia, I think that this data would have made no difference to the Nazis–the drive to power and dominance will find one excuse if not another.

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