Around Africa in a Phoenician boat

From the BBC: Around Africa in a Phoenician boat.

On Arwad Island off the coast of Syria, a group of 20 sailors-to-be are preparing for a voyage their captain believes has not been undertaken for two and a half millennia.

They plan to set off on Sunday on a journey that attempts to replicate what the Greek historian Herodotus mentions as the first circumnavigation of Africa in about 600BC.

Their vessel, the small, pine-wood Phoenicia, is modelled on the type of ship the Phoenician sailors he credited with the landmark voyage would have used. [continue]

2 thoughts on “Around Africa in a Phoenician boat

  1. Hmm, given the lack of experienced crew I think the estimated 70% chance of success is a bit much! I wonder how they propose to defend themselves against armed pirates? I guess we’ll see.

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