Odysseus’ Bloody Homecoming Dated to 1178 B.C.

From discovery.com: Odysseus’ Bloody Homecoming Dated to 1178 B.C..

Using clues from star and sun positions mentioned by the ancient Greek poet Homer, scholars think they have determined the date when King Odysseus returned from the Trojan War and slaughtered a group of suitors who had been pressing his wife to marry one of them.

It was on April 16, 1178 B.C. that the great warrior struck with arrows, swords and spears, killing those who sought to replace him, a pair of researchers say in Monday’s online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Experts have long debated whether [continue]

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  1. The analysis of mercury, venus, new moon, eclipse all at the same time seems pretty convincing to me. The oral tradition is amazingly consistent, to have preserved all that detail for so long albeit in poetic, anecdotal language.

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