“Arab” found in Danish Iron-Age grave

From National Geographic: "Arab" Found in Danish Iron-Age Grave.

An ancient Dane with Arabian genes is part of a DNA study that suggests Scandinavians of 2,000 years ago were more genetically diverse than today.

Researchers say the Iron Age man may have been a soldier serving on the Roman Empire’s northern frontier or a descendant of female slaves transported from the Middle East. [continue]

2 thoughts on ““Arab” found in Danish Iron-Age grave

  1. Just blows me away to think of the far-flung Roman empire and mixing of peoples–mostly by boots on the ground. Tramp, tramp, tramp, marching the hundreds of miles from one outpost to another to Rome itself. Some people I know think it wearisome to walk around the block.

  2. With a nice direct road, you could get from Rome to Copenhagen in about 2,000 km. Walking 5 km / hr, it would take you 400 hrs. If you walked 8 hr / day, it would take you 50 days. A leisurely 4 hr / day, it would take you 100 days = about 3.3 months.

    (Of course, some would have to be by boat, but historically that’s completely doable.)

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