How the art thief did it

By now much of the world has heard of the recent art theft at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology. A terrible pity, but I didn’t blog it because stories of yet another theft usually bore me.

This however, is not boring: the story of how the thief –or thieves — got away with the treasure. From the CBC: Fake phone call fooled UBC security in museum heist, police sources say.

An experienced jewelry thief may have hoodwinked the University of British Columbia’s campus security by telling them to ignore security alarms on the night of last month’s multi-million dollar heist at the Museum of Anthropology, CBC News has learned. [continue]

It reads like a movie plot. Brilliant technique.


2 thoughts on “How the art thief did it

  1. At least when Donald Westlake had the Dortmunder gang pull a heist just like this (“Don’t Ask”), they went to the trouble of actually setting off a series of false alarms so the security guards would believe the system was faulty. No self respecting writer of fiction would expect their readers to buy what happened here.

  2. 🙂

    Chris, I hadn’t heard of Donald Westlake or his books until I did a web search as a result of your comment. Are the books well-written?

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