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I used to use a Palm Pilot to organize my life, and that worked perfectly for years. But the new Palm Pilots aren’t for me, so that’s out. Now I’m looking for a replacement system.

There are a number of interesting web-based personal organizers, and I’m thinking of trying one of those. I like David Allen’s Getting Things Done system, so I’d prefer a site that supports the GTD approach. Here are some possibilities I’m considering:

Do any of you use these sites, or something similar? If so, I’d love to hear what you think of them. Which do you think is the best of the lot?

9 thoughts on “Web-based personal organizers

  1. I was about to recommend David Allen’s book until I read “I like David Allen’s …”

    I’m decidely low-tech on this – a NotePad, pen, folder, and pocket calendar and I’m set, so I’m unfortunately no help.

  2. I use (and highly recommend) Tracks: http://www.rousette.org.uk/projects/

    One of my criteria was that I wanted it net-accessable, but I wanted to host it myself, rather than relying on a slick-looking site that might go down tomorrow. At least when my server goes, I can be sure it’ll come back up. 😉

  3. Brian and Daniel: thanks so much for your suggestions. I’m trying out Tracks and Hiveminder at the moment; both have a lot of potential. Features I haven’t found yet: item priority, a feature to manage tasks that need to be repeated regularly (like every month, say) and a "percentage complete" indicator for tasks or projects. I don’t suppose those features happen to be hidden somewhere?

    Tony: hard to resist the Hipster PDA, isn’t it? It’s brilliant.

  4. Unfortunately I never stick with anything so I can’t say much about online organizers. I’ll have to give these a try and if I get far enough with them I’ll comment later.

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