Homeless woman lived in stranger’s cupboard for a year

From The Telegraph: Tokyo homeless woman lived in stranger’s cupboard for a year.

The woman, identified as 58-year-old Tatsuko Horikawa, was found by police searching the home of the man, who believed he lived alone in Fukuoka.

The resident of the house, who has not been named, became suspicious that he was the victim of repeat burglaries after he noticed food was going missing from his refrigerator.

The man decided to install security cameras linked to his mobile phone and on Wednesday caught images of a woman walking around the house while he was out. [continue]

Minus the camera, the same thing happened to a guy I dated some years ago. At first he thought he was just forgetful: clothing went missing, food vanished… but hey, he was overtired, so maybe he was imagining it all. One day he found a note pinned to his front door. It said "To whoever is living here. I am living here, because I thought I could live here." Baffling, but he put it aside and forgot about it. And then one day he found a man in his house, wearing his clothes, and eating his food.

I bet he’s been dining out on the story ever since.

2 thoughts on “Homeless woman lived in stranger’s cupboard for a year

  1. That is weird, but I can imagine it happening to someone with a regular, day-in-and-day-out schedule.

    Shucks, it happens to me, now that I think of it. There’s this stranger–nobody is stranger than he–who lives in my house, eats my food. Doesn’t wear my clothes, because he’s too big and anyway he’s not a cross-dresser.

    He’s my husband.

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