Ancient king’s face revealed

From the Copenhagen Post: Ancient king’s face revealed.

King Svend Estridsen has been dead for over 900 years but Danes can finally get a realistic view of what the former monarch looked like thanks to a coroner and a sculptor.

A cast of the king’s skull was taken at the beginning of the 1900s and has been used by the two men to create a vivid likeness of the ruler’s face using the terracotta technique. The technique is used in many Western countries to recreate the faces of unidentified deceased persons and then shown publicly in the hopes of someone recognising the face.

Along with the king, who is also known as Svend II, the terracotta treatment was also applied Queen Sofie, who ruled in the 12th century. Both monarchs are interred at Roskilde Cathedral. The creations are planned to be put on display at the National Museum in the near future.

The two men behind the facial reconstructions are coroner Niels Lynnerup and sculptor Bjørn Skaarup. Since 2001 they have used the technique to put faces to many long-dead persons, including 17th century nobleman Kaj Lykke and Denmark’s oldest known citizen, the Koelbjerg woman of Funen, who lived around 10,000 years ago.

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