Ancient artifacts seized near Rome

From the Guardian: Ancient Artifacts Seized Near Rome.

Police seized some 1,000 ancient artifacts from a wealthy Italian man’s country house outside Rome that were stolen from one of Emperor Trajan’s villas, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Authorities contend the artifacts, which were being used to decorate the man’s weekend residence, were ripped off the walls of what is believed to be Trajan’s hunting retreat in Arcinazzo Romano, a town in the countryside outside Rome. [continue]

Good heavens! What an exceptionally nervy thief.

One thought on “Ancient artifacts seized near Rome

  1. I imagine it was the old “wear a hard hat and carry a clipboard” trick. Look official, wear an official-looking name tag, back his pickup to the boxes, load and go. Who would question him? Not I, just a poor simple uninterested villager.

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