Medici philosopher’s mystery death is solved

From the Telegraph: Medici philosopher’s mystery death is solved.

After 500 years, one of Renaissance Italy’s most enduring murder mysteries has been solved by forensic scientists.

Ever since Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, a mystical and mercurial philosopher at the court of Lorenzo de’ Medici, suddenly became sick and died in 1494, it has been rumoured that foul play was involved.

Pico’s fame has faded, but he was a celebrated figure at the Medici court.

He gained notoriety when, at the age of 23, [continue]

One thought on “Medici philosopher’s mystery death is solved

  1. Forensic archaeology is always fascinating, especially if the historical complexities are well known and as byzantine as the time of the Medicis. I thought the last paragraph describing him as a tall man with a big head (in contrast to his portraits) was interesting. No chance that they got the wrong body when they moved the burial? Why would portraits have been so at odds with the real appearance of the man?

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