Penniless India trek is underway

From the BBC: Penniless India trek is under way.

A man has started a two-and-a-half year walk from Bristol to India without any money – to show his faith in humanity.

Equipped with only a few T-shirts, a bandage and spare sandals, former dotcom businessman Mark Boyle is set to cross Europe and the Middle East.

On his 9,000-mile trek to Gandhi’s birthplace, he will have to pick his way through war-ravaged Afghanistan.

Mr Boyle, 28, said: "I will be offering my skills to people. If I get food in return, it’s a bonus"

He says he is part of the freeconomy movement — a group which began in the US and aims to bring about a moneyless society.

He said: "My interest started five or six years ago when I was studying economics.

"The more we accumulate wealth, the more it leads to a breakdown of community." [continue]