Neanderthals stitched too little too late

From Neanderthals Stitched Too Little Too Late.

Neanderthals probably froze to death in the last ice age because rapid climate change caught them by surprise without the tools needed to make warm clothes, finds new research.

Ian Gilligan, a postgraduate researcher from the Australian National University argues his case in the current issue of the journal World Archaeology. By the time some Neanderthals developed sewing tools it was too little too late, said Gilligan. [continue]

2 thoughts on “Neanderthals stitched too little too late

  1. I was most convinced by the comment that modern humans had less ability to deal with the cold and therefore developed complex clothing earlier and thus were able to adapt to the rapid climate change. Clothing to us seems so obvious (under clothes, layered clothing, outer cloaking) but nothing is obvious when it hasn’t been developed yet.

    Which makes me wonder right now what are we looking at that we can’t see because it hasn’t been developed yet….

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