Scandinavians invented ice skating in 3000 BC

From the Telegraph: Scandinavians invented ice skating in 3000 BC.

The oldest form of human-powered transport was ice skating, and was invented in northern Europe around five thousand years ago.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the first skates made of animal bones date back to 3000 BC, helping people travel more widely during frozen winters in Finland, marking the start of the evolution of more sophisticated skates.

Constructed of trimmed horse or cow bones, and pierced at one end and strapped to the foot with leather thongs, they were not powered by the classic skating motion but used in tandem with a long stick; skaters straddled the stick and poled themselves along. [continue, see photo]

One thought on “Scandinavians invented ice skating in 3000 BC

  1. And people have the nerve to call us Scandanavians “blockheads” just because we’re deliberate and big (usually). We had technology early–how many other people would have even wanted to increase the speed of shank’s mare and been hardy enough to survive norther winters?

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