How’s this for a Christmas dinner?

From The Daily Mail: It serves 125, takes eight hours to cook and is stuffed with 12 different birds … now that really IS a Christmas dinner.

This massive roast, the proud creation of Devon farmer Anne Petch, weighs almost four stone (more than most airlines’ baggage allowance), costs £665, and has enough meat to serve 125 people.

It contains about 50,000 calories and takes more than eight hours to cook in an industrialducksized oven.

Anne, who runs the Heal Farm shop near Kings Nympton, said: "The True Love Roast has a bird for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

"It uses skinless breast meat from several birds of each species with flavours that work well together."

The roast contains turkey, goose, chicken, pheasant, partridge, pigeon squab, Aylesbury duck, Barbary duck, poussin, guinea fowl, mallard-and quail with herb and fruit stuffings. [continue]

One thought on “How’s this for a Christmas dinner?

  1. Aha! I am planning on cooking a goose for Christmas (Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat/Please put a penny in the old man’s hat….)and the article gave me the idea to make a citrus stuffing and/or citrus sauce for the meat. Goose is somewhat strongly flavored and the citrus will handle it nicely. Thanks!

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