Carvings riddle stumps villagers

From the BBC: Carvings riddle stumps villagers.

Puzzled residents across Yorkshire are turning detective after mysterious stone heads were left outside their properties in the dead of night.

The sculptures feature the same carved symbol and come with a riddle attached.

Despite CCTV film showing a man leaving three heads outside a post office, their origin remains unknown.

So far, 12 have appeared in Goathland and Kilburn, North Yorkshire; four in Arthington, West Yorkshire and three in Braithwell in South Yorkshire.

Each of the heads, which are up to a foot tall, looks different but all feature the same carving – which appears to spell out the word "paradox" – and a note bearing the riddle: "Twinkle twinkle like a star does love blaze less from afar?" [continue, see photo]