Shakespeare-themed tube map

This Shakespeare- themed tube map (1072 x 337 px) is a fine and fun thing. A Guardian article, All change at Lady Macbeth, explains:

Titus Andronicus, the general who bakes the sons of an empress into a tasty pie, lies at the north-west edge of a new diagram of Shakespeare characters inspired by the London Underground map.

The eponymous hero of a play that features 14 slayings and six severed limbs sits on the edge of the Shakespeare universe, somewhere near Amersham. He has a knife and fork by his name to suggest his unorthodox culinary skills.

Gertrude, mother of Hamlet, is closer to Embankment at a crucial interchange where the Mothers line crosses Strong and Difficult Women. Henry V is at a junction of the Heroes and Warriors lines and pairs of happy lovers are gathered in what would be the Theydon Bois and Hainault regions of the Central line. Rosalind and Orlando (As You Like It) and Viola and Orsino (Twelfth Night) are accompanied by unisex toilet signs to indicate the sexual ambiguity of the plays.

The map has been devised by designer Kit Grover and Cambridge academic Hester Lees-Jeffries for the Royal Shakespeare Company and features on a new range of items including mugs, bags and T-shirts. [continue]

Those products are over here at the Royal Shakespeare Company website.

(Thanks to Dappled Things for mentioning the map and linking to it. If I hadn’t seen that, I wouldn’t have known to go hunting for more details.)


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  1. I wonder if it’s done with permission from TfL (Transport for London)? I recall boingboing had some posts about rather petty and foolish cease and desist orders in response to people mucking around with their own versions of tube maps.

    Many many strange versions of the London tube map at:

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